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For your conevnience we have made a number of our forms available for you to fill out and print online. We know you want your loved one to be released as quick as possible and by allowing you to fill out most of your paper work in advance we can ensure a speedy release from jail.

PMSAZ Bail Bonds
210 S 4th Ave
Suite #210
Phoenix, AZ 85003

602-265-2245 - 24/7 Office
602-229-1192 - Fax

In Tucson:
520-792-2245 - 24/7 Office

We are conveniently located on the Northwest corner of 4th Ave and Jackson in Downtown Phoenix. We are directly accross the street from the Maricopa County 4th Ave Jail and have easy access from the I-10, I-17, US-51, US-60, and 202 Freeways.

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