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Maricopa County

The Maricopa County Jail System is known as one of the toughest and most unpleasant jail systems in the entire Country! Sheriff Joes Prisons are the last place you want a loved one to be staying.

To contact the Maricopa Count Sheriffs Office Jail Information line please call 602-876-0322. This automated system will give you 24 hour access to inmate information such as housing, visitation hours, court dates, and release times.

The MCSO Jail System is comprised of the following jails:

4th Avenue Jail

201 S. 4th Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85003

Phone: (602) 876-1239

The Fourth Avenue Jail opened in April 2005. This state of the art facility is considered to be one of the most secure and technologically advanced facilities in the nation. This facility was part of the largest county jail expansion project in the history of the nation, supported overwhelmingly by the taxpayers of Maricopa County

Fourth Avenue has a capacity of 2,064 beds of which 288 are specifically designed to house the highest security level inmate in the system. The Fourth Avenue Jail was designed first and foremost with the interest of public safety in mind, following Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s philosophy of remaining tough on crime.

Lower Buckeye Jail

3250 W. Lower Buckeye
Phoenix, AZ 85009

Phone: (602) 876-1236

The Lower Buckeye Jail was opened in April 2005 and is the largest detention facility in Arizona. Its design is based on Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s “no frills” philosophy, and provides safety and security for staff and inmates. The Facility currently houses all classifications of inmates, and includes separate housing for juvenile inmates (who are remanded on adult charges) and various types of special management inmates.

The housing units were designed to minimize inmate movement by providing needs (such as medical, education, visitation, religious services and various rehabilitation programs) within the inmate’s assigned housing unit, thus practically eliminating routine inmate movement. Along with safety and security, employee needs were also a priority in the design. Conference and training rooms were added to provide quality training. Break-room areas and an exercise facility with male and female locker rooms are available for employee use. Many innovative tools were designed and utilized to make operations more streamlined, staff friendly, and to increase security. A few of these tools include Video Visitation, Nice Vision Recording, Touch Screen Controls, and the Iris Scan.

Durango Jail

3225 W. Gibson Lane
Phoenix, AZ 85009

Phone: (602) 876-3555

The Durango Jail was built in 1976 as a minimum security jail. The Durango Jail houses approximately 1,500 inmates in nine housing units and two barracks buildings. Each housing unit contains four “pods,” and each pod contains a general-purpose day room area with metal tables and stools, and a bathroom area with toilets and showers. There are three large outside areas for recreation.

The Durango Jail houses adult “general population” male inmates. The jail also has a fully staffed and equipped medical clinic, non-denomination chapel and three education classrooms where inmates can attend scheduled religious and educational programs throughout the day.

Towers Jail

3127 W. Gibson Lane
Phoenix, AZ 85009

Phone: (602) 876-1679

The Towers Jail was built in 1982, designed as a 360-cell facility with six tower units. There are four pods in each tower, and each pod contains housing areas with general-purpose day rooms, and bathroom/shower areas. The jail also contains a fully staffed and equipped medical clinic, a non-denominational chapel for religious services, and classrooms for educational, drug rehabilitation, and life-skills programs. Additionally, there are three outside areas for recreation.

The jail houses multi-classification adult male inmates; the population is approximately 800 inmates.

Tent City

2939 W. Durango Street
Phoenix, AZ 85009

Phone: (602) 876-1735

The Tents Jail was begun in 1993 when Sheriff Joe Arpaio was able to obtain some surplus military tents. These tents were set up in an area adjacent to one of the existing Maricopa County Jails in Phoenix, Arizona. Sheriff Arpaio had previously decided that he would not release any inmates due to jail overcrowding, and housing sentenced inmates in the tents seemed a good solution. Funding for the project was minimal, and included the cost for cement necessary for base pads, secure fencing, and electric costs for heating, cooling and lights.

The Tents Jail can currently hold up to 2,000 inmates.

Sheriff Arpaio has added a few improvements at the Tents Jail, including two Sky Watch Towers for security, stun fences around the perimeter, and facial recognition computer software for inmate identification. K-9 units and patrol deputies have been added for additional security. The Classification Unit conducts background checks on inmates before they are housed in the tents, so that dangerous or predatory individuals are not placed there.

Estrella Jail

2939 W. Durango St
Phoenix, AZ 85009

Phone: (602) 876-1222

The Estrella Jail was built in 1991, and is podular/dormitory in design. There are approximately 1,000 inmates, predominantly female, housed at the Estrella Jail. Each housing area contains general-purpose day rooms, and bathroom/shower areas. There are outside areas for recreation.

Pima County

In addition to the Maricopa County Jail System, we also serve the Tucson area.

Pima County Adult Detention Complex

1270 W. Silverlake Road
Tucson, Arizona 85713

Phone: (520) 351-8111

PMSAZ Bail Bonds
210 S 4th Ave
Suite #210
Phoenix, AZ 85003

602-265-2245 - 24/7 Office
602-229-1192 - Fax

In Tucson:
520-792-2245 - 24/7 Office

We are conveniently located on the Northwest corner of 4th Ave and Jackson in Downtown Phoenix. We are directly accross the street from the Maricopa County 4th Ave Jail and have easy access from the I-10, I-17, US-51, US-60, and 202 Freeways.

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