GPS and Alcohol Monitoring Products

Our equipment portfolio includes Home Arrest Units, GPS satellite tracking (Passive, Active, Hybrid GPS) units and alcohol monitoring with the VB2000 and ankle bracelets. The home arrest unit allows the offender to enter the community and return home under a structured allotted time.

Passive GPS units track the offender throughout the day & reports the information using a landline telephone and charging base. Active GPS system uses a cellular communications network to report locations and violation status in near real time. The hybrid model can be switched between passive and active modes. Commercial tracking is available to track deliveries, drivers behavior, times spent at locations, driving speeds, and routes taken.

Alcohol monitoring is available in two forms. VB200 is a home breathalyzer that is verified by picture and confirmed by the monitoring center. The ankle bracelet model is only available in Gila and Yavapai counties at this time. It is able to detect alcohol through transdermal alcohol readings. All of these services include our customized reports.

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