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Commercial Tracking GPS

We provide a solution to track the movement of high-value goods through the grey market: the combination of a small device and the powerful FocalPoint™ tracking software. Investigators, working in conjunction with a retailer's loss prevention or asset protection department, can insert the tracking device into the packaging of products being used for undercover retail crime investigations. Detectives can then track the movement of the goods to uncover organized crime activities, such as gangs of professional shoplifters.

Also the devices can be placed on vehicles, allowing the tracking of vehicles. Enduring safety and driver behavior. Discreet and lightweight Internal antenna - no wiring required Long battery life Location history with full address, date, and time stamp Alerts and reports of locations crossed or entered Dual technology kicks in indoors, when GPS signals fade out On Demand Tracking and Reporting FocalPoint™software allows you to watch the progress of the device in real time from your computer. Simply select the device to track, how often you'd like to receive location updates, and when you want to start and stop tracking. Then you can watch its progress on the screen in real time, 24 hours a day.

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