Fugitive Apprehension Services Training Academy

It seems to be the new American way, our norm to do as little as possible to complete the task or mission. So, if you just like doing the minimum, don’t want to get sweaty or dirty and do just enough to earn your certification. I would encourage you to go elsewhere and pay for minimal service. But if you really want to get your money's worth and gain more knowledge and skill than “just the minimum” then I welcome you to our programs.

Arizona Bounty Hunter Academy
Basic Course

Course # Program Description Course Hours Pricing
FRC 100S
  • Legal Issues: Civil & Arizona Revised Statutes
  • Bounty Hunter / Fugitive Recovery Officer 101
  • Law Enforcement Interaction & Reporting
  • Intelligence & Surveillance 101
  • CQB & The Combat Mindset
  • Self Defense & Non-Lethal Devices
  • Tactical Deployment
  • Combat First Aid Techniques
  • Firearms & Equipment
20 $410

Course Breakdown:

  • Legal Issues: Civil and Arizona Revised Statutes
    1. Covers the civil lawsuit concerns, issues and how to prepare for a civil suit.
    2. Discuss the ARS laws and the best way to maintain yourself on the side of the law.
  • Bounty Hunter / Fugitive Recovery Officer 101
    1. Designed to assist the new Fugitive Recovery Agent (bounty hunter) on the pocedures, forms and process to doing their job professionally.
    2. Discusses bonding and becoming a bond agent.
  • Law Enforcement Interaction & Reporting
    1. Discusses the requirements for making a recovery and how to work with the law enforcment agencies of that area.
    2. Recoveries in rual, city and tribal areas as well as conducting recoveries in other states.
  • Intelligence & Surveillance 101
    1. Dealing with the public, research, stakeout, observation techniques, team concepts and establishing an informant.
  • CQB & The Combat Mindset
    1. What you need to know to ready yourself for making entry or contact with a wanted felon.
    2. How to develop your team and train for an altercation or resistance.
  • Self Defense & Non-Lethal Devices
    1. Will cover techniques to protect yourself in an attack, how to react, regroup and defeat your attacker.
    2. Taking your felon into custody using the most advanced and least injury techniqus and tools.
    3. Restraining and maintaining control of your subject.
  • Tactical Deployment
    1. The process of developing and executing an entry and capture plan
    2. Team concepts / duties of entry
    3. Practical exercise and entry training
    4. Tools, equipment and safety items for the task
  • Combat First Aid Techniques
    1. Developing a field kit for your team
    2. Life saving techniques and practical exercise
    3. Plan B; What to do when injuries occur
  • Firearms & Equipment
    1. Determine the tools that you need and their uses
    2. Nomenclature and maintenance of your firearms
    3. Supplying a working team on a manageable budget
    4. Scenarios and Exercises

Graduate Level Courses Available

After completing our basic bounty hunter package, you should expand your skillset with our graduate level courses.

For more infomation regarding our Bounty Hunter Academy (FASTA), please email sales@pmsaz.com, call (602) 265-2245, or use our contact form.

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