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Probationary Monitoring Services of Arizona has been monitoring defendants and offenders through the use of electronic monitoring equipment since 2005. PMSAZ has always strived to be current with the latest technology available in the industry. It is because of this that we have used equipment from many manufacturers. By using multiple equipment manufacturers we are able to provide the highest level of supervision for any situation including Domestic Violence Monitoring, Home Detention Participants, DUI Offenders, Sex Offenders, Parolees, Pre-Trial Defendants, Gang Members, and more. Electronic monitoring programs increase offender compliance, maximize officer efficiency, lower jail and detention center populations, and ultimately lower costs to taxpayers.

Offender compliance is obtained through electronic monitoring by being able to hold each participant accountable for their actions through factual data provided to us by the EM equipment. This includes being able to know if a person has consumed alcohol, violated a curfew, come into contact with another person on an EM program, missed a court date or counseling class, and even if they were in a place that they were not allowed to be, such as a school or park.

The participants of these programs are informed of the equipments capabilities so generally there is an immediate increase in compliance because they are aware of our ability to monitor their every movement and action.

As the population continues to grow and the crime rates continue to rise there are more people being arrested and sentenced to home detention programs and/or jail. Regardless of what they are sentenced to they must be monitored by someone during their sentence, whether it be in custody or out. Probation officers and parole officers have increasing caseloads which means that they have less time to deal with each offender. EM is the perfect way for these officers to ensure that their parolees and probationers are following the rules and abiding by the laws. An officer can monitor multiple offenders at the same time without having to be with the offender. This cuts down on the amount of time that the officer needs to be in the field tracking down offenders and the amount of time the officer spends on the phone verifying whether or not these offenders are attending court, treatment, and work.

The more people that are sentenced to home detention then the less people sentenced to in custody jail time. This means that there is more room in the existing jails for people who are found guilty of more serious crimes, such as violent crimes. There are some Arizona Revised Statues that dictate whether or not a person convicted of a crime must serve jail time or if they are allowed to serve their time through an alternative method such as home detention.

The average cost to house and inmate in Maricopa County is between 67-77 dollars per day that is paid by taxpayers. The average cost to have a person on electronic monitoring is 10-20 dollars per day, which is paid by the participant and not by the taxpayers. With the current budget issues in Arizona it is imperative that we cut costs to the state in any way that we can. EM is the perfect solution to offsetting some of the costs for our criminal justice system.

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